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Installing EASYFIGHT-Pro in the Competition Hall (for 3 tatamis)


Central desk :
-server laptop
-wireless router
-vga splitter conected to server laptop for
  up to 8-24 monitors
   *on demand we can provide splitter for more monitors
-printer(s) for diagramms, diplomas and
  competition books
-microphone for announcer
-assistant laptop for announcer assistant
  (connected wireless to server laptop)

Around tatami / inside sport hall :
-TV's (8-24 TV's, monitors or projectors)
  conected to server laptop by vga splitter
  and VGA extended cables (up to 50 m)
-we recommand to use mobile stands for
  TV's for better view
-on this TV's it will be listed current fight
  with live scores and decision and next 5
  fights for all 3 tatamis
    *on demand we can provide splitter for more monitors


At each tatami/central referee desk :
-tatami laptop connected wireless to server -TV's (up to 2 TV's at each tatami)
  conected to tatami laptop by vga cable
  splitter and VGA cables (1.8 m)
-on this TV's it will be listed the current fight, scores, time counter and decision
-on tatami desk you can consult the results history

:: on request , we can provide a second monitor to each tatami with NEXT FIGHT details. For this you will need an extra USB to VGA connector and an extra monitor+vga cable