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Full Package contains :

Everything for your Championships !
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1 license EasyFight server software (+ 2 station-server)
9 license tatami scoreboard software
1 laptop (SERVER)
3 laptops (tatami display)
1 laser printers (monochrome-A4)
1 INKJET printer WIFI (color-A3) for diplomas
1 VGA splitter for up to 8 external monitors
    (on demand we can provide splitter for more monitors)
1 wireless router for network (up to 150 m)
3 VGA extender cable (50 m each)
6 VGA cable (1.8 m each) for tatami monitors
3 VGA splitter cable for tatami duo display
3 LED TVs, 81 cm,1366*768 pixels
3 Mobile TV stand for LED TVs
3 LED TVs, 66 cm, 1366*768 pixels
*detailed instructions for connecting the
computers and the monitors will be

What is EasyFight ?

Professional solution for organizing martial arts Tournaments and Championships
EASYFIGHT-Pro helps you to organize perfect national and world championships :
          registering the sportives (up to 6 divisions)
          supports olympic system, repechage and
             nordic system (tournement)
          making diagramms and fights schedule
          calling fights on 9 mats simultaneously
          bidirectional comm between tatami and server
              (on server screen will be updated all the time
               the score and warnings)
          printing competition book automatically
          printing diplomas automatically
          printing honorific diplomas
          during competition it displays on up to 8
              monitors the next 5 fights for each mat
          during the competitiion it displays on each mat
              the current fight on up to 2 monitors
          can  manage individual or team competitions
          can split current competition in many or merge
          easy to use , allows many ways to make
              changes and correction during competition  
          printing teams classification at the end
          creating FULL COMPETITION BOOKS for USB
              sticks, in PDF
          creating sportives classifications and rating
          contains many backup solutions during
              competition in order to avoid data lost in case
              of failure   
Certificates and awards :
EASYFIGHT-Pro is certified and officially used in championships by :

International Kempo Federation (2003-2015)
Romanian Kempo Federation (2003-2015)
FILA (United World Wrestling)>Pankration 2014
Other National Federations affiliated to IKF
Francophone Federation of Martial Arts (2005-2015)

News !!
FILA (United World Wrestling) World Pankration Championships 2014 OFFICIAL SOFTWARE

installing the product 

EasyFight succesfully organize and manage over 100 National Championships and over 50 World and European Championships.

We fully personalize the software for your needs !
You want changes in the software ? No problem...
Send an email and our developers will send you
an offer for your demands !

  :: installing the product 
  :: we offer FREE remote instalation of the product if needed ! For that you must follow the steps:
     1)-have an internet connection
     2)-contact us by email to be sure that we are ready for remote connection
     3)-download the file
     4)-launch with dblclick the file and send us by email ID and PASS to connect

Buy tested & safe software.. Buy EASYFIGHT !

We tested this software for over 15 years and improved it every year ...
This software is safe and performant and you can fully trust it during your events !
You can use this software at any individual/team competition with same organizing rules as Kempo, having one-to-one eliminatory  contest :
    -pankration , karate shotokan , karate kyokushinkai , kempo , kendo , taekwondo , muai thai , kickboxing, kata and demo competition , wushu , sambo , shidokan , mma , k1 , octogon , ufc , etc....
:: installing the product                                         

Software Updates

EASYFIGHT-Pro kit includes 1 year of free (!)
Also , we can organize on request seminars about
    using EASYFIGHT-Pro !
You want changes in the software ? No problem...
    Send an email and our developers will send you
    an offer for your demands !